Prodigy 400 D3 - Prodigy X Out Bar Stamp

Color: Light Pink
Weight: 173
Sale price$14.99


About the Prodigy D3

The Prodigy D3 is a stable long distance driver and the thinnest of Prodigy's distance driver line. Designed for players of all skill levels, the D3 is loved for its ability to flip up and glide without the drift to the right or hard finish to the left. Though it's recommended for hyzer flips, the D3 is stable enough that it won't turn over for power throwers.

About Prodigy 400 Plastic

Prodigy 400 plastic is a durable blend of material that feels as good as it looks. 400 plastic comes in translucent or opaque and seasons well over time. 400 plastic is tour quality, so rest assured you can rely on it in all weather conditions.

About The Prodigy 400 D3 - X Out Stamp From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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