Mind Bender: Simon's Straight Shooter

Bend your way from tee to basket with the Simon Lizotte Signature Series Mind Bender MD1! The Mind Bender will challenge your beliefs about fade as it flies laser-straight and holds whatever angle you put it on. You can shape any line and trust the Mind Bender to hold it until it arrives at the destination. With unwavering resolve, the Mind Bender's magnificent glide and predictable flight path make this Discmania midrange an ideal choice for open shots and tight tunnels.

The Discmania Mind Bender is a stable mid range that will fly dead straight with glide for days. The beadless design and flat top allows for a smooth release, making those straight shots easy to tackle. The Mind Bender is produced in collaboration with Simon Lizotte, and is his go to disc for laser straight shots that require significant glide. The Mind Bender is a point-and-shoot midrange that makes throwing straight easier than ever. If throwing it straight is as hard for you as it is for the rest of us, the Mind Bender is the remedy.

Metal Flake C-Line plastic from Discmania is a highly durable plastic that wears very slowly and evenly. This show stopping plastic combines transparent good looks with damage resistance for beauty over the years. Metal Flake C-Line is typically the most stable of the Discmania plastics, and is even more stable than traditional C-Line plastic.

This is one of the straightest discs we've ever thrown. Regardless of skill level, the Discmania Mind Bender will fly true and glide for so long it makes your brain hurt. The Mind Bender is one of Simon Lizotte's signature discs, so get yours today and see if you can throw like the pros!