R-Pro Xero: A Winner In The Winter

Innova now makes the Xero in R-Pro plastic, and we're living for it. This softer version of the Xero makes it the go-to putter for the incoming cold weather, as well as giving the Xero little ground play around the basket. This grippy blend is great at sticking the landing, not to mention grabbing the chains. The R-Pro Xero will fly straight as an arrow, even when released on a slight hyzer. Circle two birdies are hard to come by sometimes, and a straight flying putter is sure to make them happen more often. 

Looking for a straight flying putt and approach disc with a small bead? Look no further than Innova's Xero. When it comes to flying in a straight line, the Xero is the one to do it. New players will value the low-speed stability and the soft fade, whereas the bigger arms will undoubtedly enjoy the torque resistance and straight flight path.

The Xero is similar to the Mako3: dead straight with very little turn. The Xero is a newer mold from Innova, and has been crashing chains and cashing putts for almost a year at this time. The Xero has zero turn and zero fade, similar to the XT Nova but is a solid consturction without an overmold. This makes it super straight and ideal for push putts and approaches where fading hard means certain bogey. 

R-Pro is a more flexible version of the Pro plastic, making it a great choice for wet winter weather. Not to mention, R-Pro is even grippier than the regular Pro plastic for improved feel in all conditions. R-Pro is only available for mid rangers and putters, but if you love this blend, then check out drivers in Pro plastic! 

What we wanted is what we got! Winter is coming, and our bags are sure to see a few newcomers as flight paths change in the colder weather. Regardless of the temperature, the R-Pro Xero is perfect for straight flights off the tee and around the basket. 

Get your R-Pro Xero today and take it straight to the bank, because these putters are money!