Latitude 64 Opto Maul

Color: Light Blue
Weight: 173
Sale price$18.99


About the Latitude 64 Maul

The Maul from Latitude 64 is an understable fairway driver that has glide for days. Launch the Maul on hyzer and expect hyzer flips that fly straight and long with little fade. Beginners will love the straight flight, and may even experience a touch of high speed turn in a headwind, while the big arms can expect glidey hyzer flips, even in a tailwind. Crush the fairways with the Latitude 64 Maul.

About Latitude 64 Opto Plastic

Opto is made from some of the world's most durable plastics and comes in a variety of translucent colors. This plastic was developed to withstand extreme punishment and wild weather better than other plastics.


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