Innova Champion Leopard3

Color: Tie Dye
Weight: 175
Sale price$19.99
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About the Innova Leopard3

The Innova Leopard3 is an understable fairway driver that has a terrific, controllable turn right off the bat. The Leopard 3 is similar to Innova's Leopard, but the Leopard3 is a touch faster and less glidey. Slower arm speeds will see a straight, smooth flight, whereas advanced players can expect a hard turn and finish right. The Leopard3 is an incredibly versatile fairway driver that can do it all.

About Innova Champion Plastic

Champion plastic from Innova is a high tech plastic that combines durability, performance, and reliablity all in one. Champion discs have a crystal clear color and are usually more stable than other plastics in the same mold. Champion discs are firm and are well suited to powerful arms.

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