Innova KC Pro Animal

Color: Light Blue
Weight: 168
Sale price$12.99
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About the Innova Animal

The Innova Animal is a great short range putt & approach disc. It is designed to be an approach disc for the backhand or forehand thrower. The Animal features Innova Thumtrac top rim for a secure grip and aerial performance. The Animal can handle your high powered throw with little fade at the end. You will no longer need to worry about a harsh fade from a disc that has the high speed stability you can trust.

The Animal has very little glide, which will prevent the disc gliding past the basket. Is also a great option for windy conditions.

About Innova KC Pro Plastic

KC Pro is a stiffer blend of Innova Pro plastic made for legendary pro disc golfer Ken Climo.

About The Innova KC Pro Animal From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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