Innova DX Xero

Color: Turquoise
Weight: 175
Sale price$9.99
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About the Innova Xero

Looking for a straight flying putt and approach disc with a small bead? Look no further than Innova's Xero. When it comes to flying in a straight line, the Xero is the one to do it. New players will value the low-speed stability and the soft fade, whereas the bigger arms will undoubtedly enjoy the torque resistance and straight flight path.

About Innova DX Plastic

DX plastic is Innova's baseline plastic. This affordable blend is opaque and provides fantasitc grip in a all weather. DX plastic is great for cold or rainy days. where other discs might slip through your fingers. These discs have a tendency to break in over time, and the flight path may change with added use.

About The Innova DX Xero From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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