Dynamic Discs Biofuzion Criminal

Color: Blurple
Weight: 167
Sale price$19.99
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About the Latitude 64 Criminal

The Latitude 64 Criminal is an overstable distance driver with all the fade you could want. The Criminal has more stability than the Convict and more glide than the Felon. The Criminal will hold up in strong headwinds and maintain it's overstable flight.

About Dynamic Discs Biofuzion Plastic

BioFuzion plastic is a recycled plastic from Dynamic Discs made with sustainability in mind. BioFuzion combines by-product Lucid and Fuzion plastics in an effort to lower disc golf's carbon footprint. Some discs may have minor cosmetic flaws that do not affect the performance of the disc.

About The Dynamic Discs Biofuzion Criminal From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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