Innova Pro Beast

Color: Dark Pink
Weight: 175
Sale price$12.99
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About the Innova Beast

The Innova Beast is a fast, stable distance driver that is a solid choice for new players and pros alike. One of the most popular distance drivers in the world and an instant classic, the Beast works well for both backhand and forehand throws. With high speed and glide, the Innova Beast works well for downwind shots and turnover throws, providing maximum distance using less power.

About Innova Pro Plastic

While Pro Plastic is not perfect, it has multiple advantages over other plastics Innova offers. The improved grip provides easier throwing capabilities, but the durability takes a slight hit. The ability for Pro Plastic is shown for having their flight characteristics consistent over the DX line. Price on this plastic allows for a premium type flight without breaking the bank. Maybe don't realize the increased glide the Pro Plastic provides for their drives until they throw it for themselves.

About The Innova Pro Beast From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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