Discraft Z Swirl Avenger - Ledgestone 2022

Color: Lime Green & Orange-Red
Weight: 174
Sale price$21.99
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About the Discraft Avenger

 The Avenger by Discraft is a overstable distance driver that intermediate players will love. Forced turnovers and huge hyzers are the Avenger's specialty, and it will have a sweeping fade when thrown flat. This disc is practically made for headwinds, and handles them with ease before fading. A hugely popular distance driver, the Discraft Avenger will be right at home in any bag.

About Discraft Z Swirl Plastic

Z plastic is one of the most popular plastic blends from Discraft. The Z Swirl blend is a aesthetically pleasing and formulated for durability, as discs in this plastic retain their flight path for a long time. This plastic combines high performance and durability with swirly colors for plastic that throws as good as it looks.

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