Discmania C-Line FD

Color: Dark Purple
Weight: 174
Sale price$21.99
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About the Discmania FD

The FD by Discmania is a fairway driver designed with straight, stable flight in mind for players of all skill levels. The FD has a crazy amount of glide and goes farther than one might think! New players looking for a dependable driver that goes super straight, look no further than the FD. This highly controllable Discmania fairway driver is perfect for tight lines between trees and other obstacles.

About Discmania C-Line Plastic

C-Line plastic from Discmania is a highly durable plastic that wears very slowly. This showstopping plastic combines transparent good looks with damage resistance for beauty over the years. C-Line is typically the most stable of the Discmania plastics.

About The Discmania C-Line FD From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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