DGA Signature Line Blunt Gumbputt

Color: Yellow
Weight: 170
Sale price$14.99
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About the DGA Blunt Gumbputt

The Blunt Gumbputt is a a flexible putter that excels at holding the line it's thrown on. Because of the gummy plastic, it is adept at sticking the landing, whether that be the ground or the chains. The Blunt Gumbputt is so flexible and durable, it can even be folded like a taco and thrown straight into the chains! Get your hands on this unique putter today and feel the difference with the DGA Blunt Gumbputt.

About DGA Signature Line Plastic

Signature Line by DGA is a plastic known for its signature "rubber band" feel and has exceptional plastic memory. Usually reserved for putt and approach discs, Signature Line is so flexible it truly has to be felt to be believed.

About The DGA Signature Line Blunt Gumbputt From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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