Westside Discs Tournament Underworld

Color: Yellow
Weight: 171
Sale price$28.00


About the Westside Discs Underworld

The Westside Discs Underworld is an understable fairway driver that is right at home in the hands of new players and seasoned vets alike. The Underworld is super glidey for effortless distance and air time. Slower arm speeds will enjoy long, straight flights while the big arms can look to the Westside Discs Underworld for controlled hyzer flips and rollers. The slight fade at the end of flight will bring the Underworld back to center gently, allowing this disc to hold huge anhyzer lines where the disc has to hold its line. 

About Westside Discs Tournament Plastic

Tournament plastic is Westside's premium plastic. This advanced version of VIP is pearlescent and opaque, with discs slightly more grippy than the same disc in VIP plastic. These durable discs will bring you grip and style points for your next round or competition.


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