Innova Nexus Xero

Color: Yellow
Weight: 175
Sale price$31.00
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About the Innova Xero

Looking for a straight flying putt and approach disc with a small bead? Look no further than Innova's Xero. When it comes to flying in a straight line, the Xero is the one to do it. New players will value the low-speed stability and the soft fade, whereas the bigger arms will undoubtedly enjoy the torque resistance and straight flight path.

About Innova Nexus Plastic

Innova Nexus Plastic was created to fill a gap in the plastic lineup. It's a stiffer and grippier plastic that's more durable than DX, stiffer than XT, and grippier than Star. It works very well for putters because Nexus plastic has a little bit of extra grip you can apply. Whether it's hot or cold, the Nexus plastic is up to the challenge. This blend of plastic costs more because it's more versatile and will last longer than baseline plastics. A disc in Nexus will be great to throw any time of year as well. Since it's still stiff up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit it's okay even if it sits for a minute on the blacktop OB while you walk to it.

About The Innova Nexus Xero From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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