Innova DX Starfire

Color: Blue
Weight: 144
Sale price$14.00
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About the Innova Starfire

The Innova Starfire is a fast, overstable distance driver with plenty of glide and a strong fade. A dependable disc, the Starfire holds up in a headwind and has a long, straight flight.

About Innova DX Plastic

Innova provides a wide variety of plastics, but with no question if you want value DX Plastic is the way to go. It's the least expensive out of all the plastics Innova makes along with providing the widest selection of models and weights. The grip is perfect for any weather situation providing you with consistent throwing capabilities. The DX Plastic will break in over time, which means unlike other discs, the fight patterns may change slightly with more wear and tear.

About The Innova DX Starfire From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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