Innova Champion Caiman

Color: Light Orange
Weight: 167
Sale price$23.00
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About the Innova Caiman

Similar to Innova's Gator, the Innova Caiman is an overstable mid range that will reliably finish left for right handed backhand players. Due to its overstable nature, the Caiman is a go-to disc for reliable fades in all wind conditions. This disc is great for forehand and backhand! Newer players will enjoy the versatility of the Caiman, and can count on it as a rescue disc. Advanced players will relish in the consistent fade and flight path the Caiman offers in windy conditions.

About Innova Champion Plastic

Consistency is key for perfection and the Champion Plastic provides you with an ultra durable disc that can withstand the elements better than any other. The extremely slow wearing allows for the flight patterns to retain throughout use. These discs tend to me stiff and are better suited for powerful throwers. Innova occasionally changes the flight ratings on Champion Plastic discs due to the stiffness presented in the disc. Most Champion disc will also be translucent.

About The Innova Champion Caiman From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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