Dynamic Discs Lucid Evader

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About the Dynamic Discs Evader

The Dynamic Discs Evader is an overstable fairway driver that will hold the line, even in the wind. The Evader will fly straight with a reliable fade at the end thanks to its low speed and high glide. You can even throw the Evader on an anhyzer and its consistent fade will get it back to flat. The Evader is a versatile, go-to fairway driver, whether backhand or forehand.

About Dynamic Discs Lucid Plastic

Lucid Plastic is a beautiful combination of polymers that produces a translucent disc designed for true flights even if you hit it against every tree in the woods. This durable plastic can truly take a beating, and look good while doing it.

About The Dynamic Discs Lucid Evader From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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