Discmania Active Premium Majesty

Color: Blue
Weight: 172
Sale price$24.00
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About the Discmania Majesty

The Discmania Majesty is an overstable long distance driver designed to handle a variety of flight paths. It is recommended to be thrown as a players first high speed disc, or for those with big arms attacking the basket in a tailwind. New players will love the Majesty in a headwind, and will experience a high speed turn before returning back to the original line. Get ready to throw regally long with your Majesty today.

About Discmania Active Premium Plastic

Active Premium from Discmania is a highly durable plastic and are often more overstable than discs in Active plastic. Active Premium is translucent and the highest quality plastic in the Active Line.

About The Discmania Active Premium Majesty From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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