Color: Lime Green
Weight: 174
Sale price$28.00
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About the DGA Hellfire

The Hellfire from DGA is a very overstable distance driver that fades extremely hard with little glide. For both forehand throwers and backhanders, the Hellfire can be seen as a go-to utility disc for reliably consistent hyzers in even the strongest headwinds. You can trust the Hellfire to come back and fade from anhyzer lines. The Hellfire's flat top that feels great in the hand, and you can count on the dependable fade to carry big arms on big hyzers down the fairway.

About DGA ProLine Plastic

DGA's ProLine plastic is one of their two premium plastics, offering exellent grip combined with performance. ProLine plastic seasons quickly and is one of the smoothest blends on the market.

About The DGA ProLine Hellfire From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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