MVP Neutron Teleport

Color: Purple
Weight: 174
Sale price$17.99
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About the MVP Teleport

Get ready to Teleport to the basket with this stable, long distance driver from MVP. The Teleport is designed for tight S-curves and maximum distance, and is right at home in the hands of an expert and a newbie. Big arms can expect a slight turn before the inevitable fade in calm wind conditions or headwinds, where the lower power players long, manageably resistant driver. This disc is a phenomenal option for anyone looking for big distance, is likely to become a go-to driver for many.

About MVP Neutron Plastic

Neutron is the flagship blend of MVP. This plastic is opaque with bright colors, making it easy to find in any terrain. This plastic retains its flight path well and is extremely durable.

About The MVP Neutron Teleport From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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