Latitude 64 Opto Glimmer Fuse - Handeye Stamp

Color: Purple
Weight: 177
Sale price$24.99


About the Latitude 64 Fuse

The Fuse by Latitude 64 is a dynamic, mildly understable mid range that can be used for a variety of shots. Ideal for holding lines with minimal fade, the Fuse is perfect for tight tunnels between trees and other obstacles. Slightly larger than your average disc in height and diameter, Latitude 64's Fuse is an excellent choice for those switching over from other disc sports.

About Opto Glimmer Plastic

Opto Glimmer is a premium plastic from Latitude 64 that combines the reliable and consistent flight characteristics of Opto with Chameleon Color Shift to make for a disc that is as durable as it is good looking.

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