Latitude 64 Gold Recoil

Color: Red
Weight: 174
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About the Latitude 64 Recoil

The Latitude 64 Recoil is an overstable long distance driver that pairs speed with control. With a comfortable grip and mild low speed fade, players of all levels will enjoy hitting fairways. New players and those in their golden years alike will find the Recoil a great addition to their bag due to the less beefy grip and semi wide rim.

About Latitude 64 Gold Plastic

Gold Line is the premium plastic offering from Latitude 64. Similar to the durable Opto plastic but with added grip, Gold plastic couples grippy plastic with long lasting durability.

About The Latitude 64 Gold Recoil From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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Latitude 64 Gold Recoil
Latitude 64 Gold Recoil
Sale price$19.99
Sold out

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