Innova Star Ape

Color: Green
Weight: 145
Sale price$16.99
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About the Innova Ape

The Innova Ape is a super overstable high speed driver. This disc is extremely fast, and a must have for windy conditions. The Ape's super wide rim is designed to handle raw power from seasoned power throwers. The Innova Ape is a fantastic option for backhand or sidearm throwers as well as a variety of flex shots. This disc is great for your bag on headwind and dog-leg fades. The Ape has less high speed turn than the Boss. The Ape is recommended for players who can drive more than 300 feet.

About Innova Star Plastic

The Star Plastic is considered by most as the top of the line for Innova. (Some may go with Champion) This All weather grip provides the feel of Pro and combines it with the durability of Champion resulting in Star Plastic. It also will retail flight characteristics better than any other plastic which is why this premium product is talked about better than any other. For any tournament or if your just looking to provide your best potential on the Disc Golf Course, Star Plastic should be your go-to.

About The Innova Star Ape From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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