Innova Halo Star Mystere - Holiday Stamp

Color: Pink
Weight: 175
Sale price$21.99
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About the Innova Mystere

The Innova Mystere is an understable distance driver with excellent glide and a dependable fade. Designed for tight, S-Curve long shots, the Mystere rates one tick faster than the popular Innova Beast. Originally released only for tournament player pack sponsorships, the Mystere has become a go-to distance driver for many pros.

About Innova Halo Star Plastic

Halo Star plastic is Star plastic with a colorful halo design. This plastic has a tendency slightly more stable than Star and features a vibrant rim with a distinctly colored flight plate. This plastic is often featured on signature discs and is highly sought after.

About The Innova Halo Star Mystere - Holiday Stamp From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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