Innova GStar Skeeter

Color: Red
Weight: 175
Sale price$16.99


About the Innova Skeeter

The Innova Skeeter is a small diameter mid range that is one of the straightest flying discs on the market. Perfect for all skill levels, the Skeeter is dependable and accurate. Whether throwing a tunnel shot, approaching, or putting, the Skeeter will have a straight flight and dependable fade.

About Innova GStar Plastic

Innova's GStar is a grippier and softer blend of Star plastic. It is opaque like Star plastic but has a pearlescent sheen. GStar also has a slightly less stable flight than Star plastic. GStar's soft but durable quality is a great solution for dry hands to find an easier grip. GStar also is a good choice for cold weather as the soft plastic stiffens to a comfortable firmness that is not brittle and won't shatter.

About The Innova GStar Skeeter From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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