Innova GStar Corvette

Color: Dark Orange
Weight: 175
Sale price$16.99
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About the Innova Corvette

The stable Corvette is among Innova's fastest extra long distance drivers, and delivers accuracy, distance and glide in equal parts. The Corvette is explosive and long, designed for getting you to the basket with speed and style. Newer players will love the incendiary distance and the extra glide. This disc is excellent for newer players looking for distance in a headwind. Advanced players should bag a Corvette for the reliable high speed turn and exceptional fade.

About Innova GStar Plastic

GStar is a blend of Star that adds flexibility and even more grip. GStar is opaque like Star, but features a pearlescent sheen. Their allure is only surpassed by their beautiful flight. GStar discs have a smooth, gradual transition in flight and the same durability as our Star line. For cold weather play the flexibility and grip of GStar cannot be beaten, and even when the weather warms up GStar still retains similar flexibility.

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