Innova DX Birdie

Color: Orange
Weight: 169
Sale price$9.99
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About the Innova Birdie

The Innova Birdie is an accurate, straight flying putter that features Innova's Thumtrac™ grip for consistent releases. This disc is excellent for those making the switch from other disc sports to disc golf. The Birdie is aptly named, as this disc is meant to go for it. New and experienced players can comfortably go for birdie without the fear of missing long. Looking for more birdies? Add the Birdie to your bag!

About Innova DX Plastic

Did you know that DX is an abbreviation for Deluxe? Innova's DX line of plastic is budget friendly and offered in the largest variety of Innova's disc golf models. DX is often the top choice to build a "beginner's set" of discs for its combination of high quality, wide variety of weights and disc choices. DX is known for its excellent grip in a wide variety of weather conditions. DX is a softer plastic that wears in quickly creating less stable flight characteristics for the disc.

Competitive players often use DX for "rainy rounds" instead of other plastics that they use in fair weather. Many disc golfers also carry DX versions of their favorite discs to achieve different flight patterns than other plastics.

About The Innova DX Birdie From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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