Innova Champion Caiman

Weight: 167
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About the Innova Caiman

Similar to Innova's Gator, the Innova Caiman is an overstable mid range that will reliably finish left for right handed backhand players. Due to its overstable nature, the Caiman is a go-to disc for reliable fades in all wind conditions. This disc is great for forehand and backhand! Newer players will enjoy the versatility of the Caiman, and can count on it as a rescue disc. Advanced players will relish in the consistent fade and flight path the Caiman offers in windy conditions.

About Innova Champion Plastic

Innova's Champion Plastic is one of the most durable plastics in disc golf. Champion is easily identified by its uniquely transparent appearance, often with a bright color appearance that can be reminiscent of bright candy. It is a hi-tech polymer with a slightly smooth and slick feel, that also means it has a faster surface with less drag than other plastics. This fast aerodynamic property also makes a disc in Champion plastic more stable in flight when compared to the same disc produced in another plastic.

Champion plastic's durability makes it a great choice for heavily wooded courses or rugged and rocky terrain. It is often the choice for overstable discs because it maintains it's stability longer than softer plastics.

About The Innova CHampion Caiman From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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