Discraft Z Swirl Nebula - 2023 Ledgestone

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(Coming Soon): February 17, 2023, 12:00 EST

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(Coming Soon): The Discraft Z Swirl Nebula - 2023 Ledgestone is coming soon.Make sure your account information is complete so you can receive backorder and/or shipping information. All Discs will be shipped within 48hrs of disc launch date.

Disc Launch Date: 2/17/23 12:00 AM EST


About The Discraft Nebula

The Discraft Nebula was the Ace Race disc for 2008. It is an overstable midrange that is usually only available in a limited edition Elite Z run. In a lot of ways, the Nebula was the first Buzzz OS, as it is a very dependable overstable midrange that will hold strong in the wind.

About Discraft Z Swirl Plastic

The Z Swirl blend is formulated for durability and discs in this plastic should retain their flight path for a long time. This plastic combines high performance and durability with swirly colorways for easy to find and aesthetically pleasing discs.

About The Discraft Z Swirl Nebula - 2023 Ledgestone From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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