Discraft SuperColor UltraStar - Star Wars Death Star Stamp

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About The Discraft UltraStar

The UltraStar has set the standard for Ultimate competition and classic throw and catch across the globe. Whether you are tossing on the beach, playing catch in the street, or competing in the Ultimate Championships, the UltraStar is your go-to disc for all situations. With a great feel, great flight, and a timeless look, you'll understand with your first throw why the UltraStar has been hailed as the standard of USA Ultimate since 1991.

About Discraft SuperColor Plastic

Discraft Supercolor plastic creates arguably the best looking golf discs on the market. This plastic blend is slightly softer and less durable than traditional Z plastic. It is ESP Plastic with dyed images on it.

About The Discraft SuperColor UltraStar - Star Wars Death Star Stamp From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

Stamp Name: Star Wars Death Star Stamp

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