Discraft Big Z Reaper - Ledgestone 2022

Color: Orange
Weight: 174
Sale price$21.99
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About the Discraft Reaper

The Reaper from Discraft is a beefy driver that can handle torque like few others. The Reaper is excellent for snappy forehand drives or backhand drives where you need the disc to stay straight before dumping hard. This flat disc from Discraft feels great in the hand. Beginners will likely see the Reaper as a utility "meathook" disc, whereas the big guns can power through headwinds without fearing the Reaper will turn over.

About Discraft Big Z Plastic

Big Z plastic from Discraft is a durable plastic that can take on heavily wooded courses with confidence. This is likely the most durable plastic from Discraft and Big Z discs hold their flight characteristics through the worst of wear.

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