Color: Dark Orange
Weight: 167
Sale price$16.99
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About the Axiom Vanish

If you're in the market for a straight to understable distance driver, The Axiom Vanish could be the one for you! Low power arms will see straight, long distance in a tailwind, and the advanced player will watch the Vanish disappear down the fairway on a controllably understable line. The Vanish fills the stability gap in MVP's lineup between the Wave and the Orbital, making it perfect for those tailwind drives or for reliable hyzer flips with a decent fade to center.

About Axiom Proton Plastic

Proton Plastic is MVP's premium durable plastic, and comes available in trasparent candy colors. Proton has a tendency to make a disc slightly more overstable. Also available in soft flexibility for putters!

About The Axiom Proton Vanish From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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