Alfa Discs Chrome Cosmic

Color: Yellow
Weight: 178
Sale price$19.99


About the Alfa Discs Cosmic

The Alfa Discs Cosmic is an overstable fairway driver that has glide for days. With a glide rating of 6, the Cosmic is a forward-fading fairway disc that is sure to gain distance and fade hard. Slower arm speeds will love the Cosmic for full flex lines when thrown on anhyzer, and the big arms will love this straight flyer and its reliable fade at the end of flight. 

About Alfa Discs Chrome Line Plastic

The Chrome Line is Alfa Discs' second line of premium plastic and unlike The Crystal Line, it is made of opaque material, which makes it very visible in the fairways. It’s also softer than the Crystal Line.

About the Alfa Discs Crystal Cosmic From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

"Alfa Discs is the first ever disc golf manufacturer based in Norway. They make premium discs with the vision of empowering every disc golf players game. Whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner, Alfa fully believes they have what you need to take your game to the next level."


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