Innova Star Eagle - Gregg Barsby Tour Series

Color: Orange
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About the Innova Eagle

The Eagle is Innova's first fairway driver, and has a moderately overstable flight path. The Eagle is Innova's first fairway mold, and is designed to be used by players of all skill levels. With a touch of high speed turn, new players will gravitate to this disc for headwind shots. Advanced players will get a thrill out of the accurate, straight flight and dependable finish. Regardless of the player, nothing flies like an Eagle.

About Innova Star Plastic

Star plastic is a grippy, resilient plastic blend by Innova. Star plastic is grippy and durable, and some consider it to be the top-of-the-line plastic from Innova. Star discs retain their flight paths better than other plastics and are known for their high performance and reliability.

About the Innova Star Eagle - Gregg Barsby Tour Series From The Local Route Pro Shop

Gregg has relied on the Eagle as a major weapon in his forehand and backhand arsenal for years, and it helped him on his way to a 2018 World Championship. These swirled Star Eagles are a dependable fairway driver that you'll be proud to add to the bag. Each disc is a unique blending of colors, no two are the exact same. 

*Stamp color will vary. All discs are 173-175g

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