Innova Glow Pro Pig - Ricky Wysocki Tour Series

Foil: Gold
Sale price$37.00


Ricky Wysocki & the Pig go together like confidence and low scores. Ricky masterfully feathers flick approaches with the overstable flight the Pig offers. The perfect dome & rim width combination creates a comfortable grip for flicks of all power levels.

Short finesse or longer full powered shots, you’ll have the right tool for the job. Learn to harness the power of the Pig & you too can dive bomb the green. These are stiff and perfect for power and finesse forehand players along with anyone looking for a consistent overstable approach disc.

Flight Numbers - Speed: 3 Glide: 1 Turn: 0 Fade: 3

*These are all blue/purple in color and near max weight. Select your foil color and let it fly!

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