Dynamic Discs Prime EMAC Judge

Color: Orange
Weight: 174
Sale price$16.00
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About the Dynamic Discs EMAC Judge

The Dynamic Discs EMAC Judge is a stable putt and approach disc that falls right between the Judge and Warden with a different feel in the hand. With a microbead to ensure a smooth release, the EMAC Judge flies straight with minimal fade at the end - even less than the original Judge. The EMAC Judge was created for 2010 World Champion Eric McCabe, who is known for his putting game.

About Dynamic Discs Prime Plastic

Dynamic Discs Prime is an affordable baseline plastic that has enough grip to weather the storm. If you're a beginner looking to give disc golf a try, get your hands on some Prime plastic and give it your best shot! These discs feel great and will be grippy even in cold, rainy conditions.

About The Dynamic Discs Prime EMAC Judge From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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