Westside Discs VIP Sparkle Stag

Color: Hot Pink
Weight: 171
Sale price$18.99


About the Westside Discs Stag

The Westside Discs Stag is an overstable fairway driver with a smaller rim design that fits anyone's hand. Newer players will find the Stag to be a great choice for learning to shape shots. For lower arm speeds, the Stag will finish left and with less flare than similar drivers. Professional players will enjoy straight tunnel shots that finish with hyzer.

About Westside Discs VIP Sparkle Plastic

VIP Sparkle plastic from Westside Discs is a highly durable performance plastic. VIP Sparkle discs are transparent with shimmering sparkles and long lasting, maintaining their flight characteristics for a long time.

About The Westside Discs VIP Sparkle Stag From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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