Westside Discs Tournament-X Sword - Erika Stinchcomb 2021 Team Series

Color: Orange-Red
Weight: 173
Sale price$24.99
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About the Westside Discs Sword

The Sword from Westside discs is a stable, straight-flying distance driver for players of all skill levels. The Sword cuts through fairways and has enough glide to carry treacherous water hazards while still maintaining consistent, accurate flight. With a slight degree of high-speed turn, the big arms will love the long hyzer flips while developing arms will see a straight flight with gentle fade towards the end. The Westside Sword combines high speed and comfort with its smaller rim, while still doling out the distance when it counts.

About Westside Discs Tournament-X Plastic

Tournament-X plastic is very similar to the Tournament plastic offered by Westside Discs, but is generally more overstable. This durable plastic will last and last, and will take quite some time to break in.

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