Westside Discs Tournament Warship

6 Glide
0 Turn
1 Fade

Color: Blue
Weight: 170
Sale price$19.99


About the Westside Discs Warship

The Warship is a versatile, straight-flying midrange driver that can go the distance. This is the only midrange disc currently in the Westside lineup that is fast enough to be classified as a fairway driver. When thrown with power, the Warship has a small degree of high-speed turn followed by minimal low-speed fade.

About Westside Discs Tournament Plastic

Tournament plastic is Westside's premium plastic. This advanced version of VIP is pearlescent and opaque, with discs slightly more grippy than the same disc in VIP plastic. These durable discs will bring you grip and style points for your next round or competition.

About The Westside Discs Tournament Warship From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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