Westside Discs BT Soft Burst Swan 1 Reborn

3 Glide
-2.5 Turn
0 Fade

Color: Orange
Weight: 174
Sale price$13.99


About the Westside Discs Swan 1

The Swan 1 was Westside's original putter and it would fly straight for anyone right off the shelf. The Swan 1 was designed to give lower arm speeds a straighter putting line.

About Westside Discs BT Soft Burst Plastic

BT Soft Burst is super soft, good feeling plastic option from Westside discs that is often molded in putters and approach discs. BT Soft Burst features a beautiful burst of vibrant color that looks phenomenal in flight. BT Soft has great feel and is soft enough to hold up to cold weather while still wrapping around chains.

About The Westside Discs BT Soft Burst Swan 1 From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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