Prodigy ACE Line DuraFlex Glow M Model S

4 Glide
0 Turn
3 Fade

Color: Lime Green
Weight: 179
Sale price$18.49


About the Prodigy M Model S

The M Model S from Prodigy's Ace Line is a stable Midrange with reliable and consistent fade you can count on. Navigating tight fairways and long approaches don't stand a chance against the Prodigy M Model S, as this disc is virtually perfect for them. The M Model S has a wider diameter than most Prodigy drivers for added control and confidence around the basket. Great for players who are starting to learn different throw styles on drives and approaches.

About Prodigy ACE Line DuraFlex Glow Plastic

DuraFlex Glow plastic is the same as regular DuraFlex plastic, except that it glows in the dark. It is best charged with a UV flashlight for night rounds.

About The Prodigy ACE Line DuraFlex Glow M Model S From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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