Prodigy 400 Glow Glimmer PA-5 - Halloween Stamp

Color: White
Weight: 175
Sale price$24.49


About the Prodigy PA-5

The Prodigy PA-5 is an understable putt and approach disc that excels on anhyzer putts and hyzer flips off the tee. Players of all skill levels will love the consistently understable flight of the PA-5, and those with slower arm speeds might just see their straightest flights ever with the Prodigy PA-5. When thrown faster, this glidey putt and approach disc is likely to soar far and is an ideal candidate for shots where a soft fade can make all the difference. The PA-5 features a slim profile for easy release on all angles for all players.

About Prodigy 400 Glow Glimmer Plastic

Prodigy 400 Glow Glimmer plastic is a durable blend of materials that feels as good as it looks. 400 Glow Glimmer plastic takes a charge well and glows extremely bright, while the glimmer effect makes for added visibility during the day. 400 Glow Glimmer seasons well over time, and may be slightly more stable than regular 400 Glimmer plastic. 400 Glow Glimmer plastic is tour quality, so rest assured you can rely on it in all weather conditions.

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