MVP R2 Neutron Nomad

Color: Black
Weight: 167
Sale price$13.99
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About the MVP Nomad

Designed by 2021 PDGA World Champion James Conrad, the MVP Nomad is a stable putter with a slight bead. Straight, neutral flight inside the Circle is no stranger to the Nomad, with a touch of overstability kicking in from Circle 2. The Nomad clings to the angle its thrown on, able to hold anhyzer or hyzer angles with relative ease. This MVP disc is great for players of all skill levels looking to stick it under the basket without going long.

About MVP R2 Neutron Plastic

R2 Neutron is a recycled version of MVP Neutron plastic. Discs in this plastic are slight softer than those in standard Neutron, and have a balance of grip, feel, and flexibility. All R2 discs are black with a white rim, and use Eco-conscious recycled materials to lower the carbon footprint of disc golf.

About The MVP R2 Neutron Nomad From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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