Latitude 64 Zero Soft Macana

5 Glide
0 Turn
1 Fade

Color: Black
Weight: 174
Sale price$13.99


About the Latitude 64 Macana

Latitude 64's Macana is a deep rim, stable putter made to tattoo the basket. The Macana can handle a good amount of torque, and is a great choice for short drives off the tee. Newer players will enjoy the reliable, straight flight, while more advanced players might add the Macana to their bag as a driving putter.

About Latitude 64 Zero Soft Plastic

Zero Soft is an ideal plastic for throwing into the basket. This soft plastic sticks to the chains for reliable putts combined with great grip and comfortable feel. Discs in Zero Soft are great choices in wet or cold weather.

About The Latitude 64 Zero Soft Macana From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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