Innova XT Pro Invader

Color: Blue
Weight: 175
Sale price$12.99
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About the Innova Invader

The Innova Invader is a versatile, straight-flying putt & approach disc with a flat top and small bead rim. The Invader was designed for straight, short drives and approaches, forehand upshots, tunnel shots, and headwind putts. The Invader can handle torque and is easy to throw backhand or forehand.

About Innova XT Pro Plastic

Originally designed for the Innova Nova and Innova Atlast, the XT Pro plastic has now spread out to a variety of disc options. It’s a tough plastic blend with some of the best grip around and durability that is close to other premium plastics. XT is less firm than the R-Pro and KC Pro series.

About The Innova XT Pro Invader From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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