Innova Star Eagle - Infuse Stamp

Color: Pink (hot)
Weight: 168
Sale price$19.99
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About the Innova Eagle

The Eagle is Innova's first fairway driver, and has a moderately overstable flight path. The Eagle is Innova's first fairway mold, and is designed to be used by players of all skill levels. With a touch of high speed turn, new players will gravitate to this disc for headwind shots. Advanced players will get a thrill out of the accurate, straight flight and dependable finish. Regardless of the player, nothing flies like an Eagle.

About Innova INNfuse Star Plastic

Star plastic is the most premium of Innova's plastic blends. Star plastic provides maximum grip and durability. Star plastic is also highly visible. The INNFuse edition simply has the addition of a full-colored stamp image on the disc.

About The Innova INNfuse Star Eagle From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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