Innova R-Pro Boss

Color: White
Weight: 150
Sale price$12.99


About the Innova Boss

The Innova Boss is the dependably stable high speed distance driver that you can count on. If you're looking for distance, then look no further! The Boss is the disc that was used by David Wiggins Jr to set the world record for longest throw of over 1100 feet.This disc is sure to be a new favorite and will be right in home in any players bag.

For advanced players, the Innova Boss has a slight turn with a reliable fade for that extra distance we all crave.

About Innova R-Pro Plastic

What's the difference from Pro and R-Pro plastic? The R-Pro plastic is more flexible and has additional grip that Pro does not. Does this mean it's better? No it just means it's different. Many Mid Range and Putters are made in R-Pro while Drivers utilize the normal Pro line.

About The Innova R-Pro Boss From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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