Innova Halo Star Wraith - Garrett Gurthie 2021 Tour Series


Color: Yellow
Weight: 175
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About the Innova Wraith

The Innova Wraith is a stable, long distance driver that boasts excellent speed, glide, and consistent accuracy. Innova's Wraith is an excellent choice for players of all skill levels. The gentle, reliable turn of the Wraith allows for incredible glide, while the Wraith's predictable fade is ideal for accurate drives. Due to the neutral stability of the Wraith, this disc works well for all wind conditions, as well as both forehand and backhand.

About Innova Halo Star Plastic

Halo Star plastic is Star plastic with a colorful halo design. This plastic has a tendency slightly more stable than Star and features a vibrant rim with a distinctly colored flight plate. This plastic is often featured on signature discs and is highly sought after.

About The Innova Halo Star Wraith - Garret Gurthie Tour Series 2022 From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

Stamp Name: Garrett Gurthie 2021 Tour Series

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