Innova Color-Glow DX Roc - Pumpkin Stamp

Color: Orange
Weight: 169
Sale price$14.99
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About the Innova Roc

The Innova Roc is an overstable midrange that is versatile and accurate for players of all skill levels. The Roc can be used for driving off the teepad, straight shots, and upshots with relative ease and total reliability. The Roc will hold the angle of release even in a headwind, whether it's flat, hyzer, or on anhyzer. The Innova Roc is one of the most popular disc choices in the world for players of all skill levels.

About Innova Color Glow DX plastic

Color Glow DX plastic allows throwers to season their disc slowly, allowing throwers to get discs in this plastic to get to the "sweet spot." These discs glow in the dark and have fantastic grip, making them perfect for all conditions, whether wet, dry, day or night. These discs glow with bright, colorful light and are sure to be a hit on your next glow round.

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