Discraft CryZtal Z Sparkle Mantis - Ledgestone 2022

Color: Blurple
Weight: 176
Sale price$21.99


About the Discraft Mantis

The Discraft Mantis is a stable fairway driver that provides a straight flight path and excellent glide. Beginners and those with less power can use the Mantis as a distance driver while those with power will enjoy it as a utility driver.

About Discraft CryZtal Z Sparkle Plastic

CryZtal Z Sparkle is a smooth-to-the-touch plastic that leans toward the harder side. This plastic is very similar to CryZtal plastic, but has small sparkles throughout which gives the disc a bit of extra flair. Some discs in this plastic may have metal flakes throughout, which many players report makes discs in this plastic more stable. 


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